Master & Commander specializes in the design and architecture of residential buildings, such as single- and multi-family homes and condominiums. We are a design-led full-service architecture firm with an in-depth knowledge of building science, energy efficiency, licensing, materials, and excellent design practices.

MCCM oversees projects starting from their conceptual stages to the completion – this includes collaboration with contractors, owners, and developers.

Master & Commander’s skilled architects take into consideration the structural solidity of the construction, relevant zoning laws and permits, and environmental factors.

The proper research and analysis allow us to design adaptable, sustainable, and extraordinary homes for exceptional people. We are open to creative ideas and strive to turn those into reality.

Being a full-service firm, you can leave the analysis, following building codes, permitting, and construction survey to us.

Services offered by Master & Commander include:

Permitting analysis

Schematic design

Design development


Landscape architecture

Interior design

Strategic advising

Engineering oversight

Feasibility analysis

As the first step, we will meet with you to determine your taste in design, feasible ideas, and allocated budget. We will consult you on the best practices, applicable permits, analysis to be conducted, and the sustainability aspect of constructing or renovating a building. We support the process throughout the entirety of its life cycle while making sure we adhere to the realistic budget. 

That is why we encourage the homeowner to have an honest discussion with us concerning their entire project cost.

After getting an idea of your vision and ideas, MCCM will draft a plan of the proposed design. We will then research the applicable zoning laws and permits to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Master & Commander has broad experience with construction companies to oversee the building process and ensure everything gets done correctly and according to plan until the project has finished




Why invest in a professional full-service architectural firm?

  • Professional guidance through the licensing process
  • Knowledge work and vast experience
  • Overseeing projects from concept to finalization
  • Planning, architecture, interior design, construction management, and landscape architecture from one place
  • Supervision of the allocated budget
  • A well-designed and durable building is a profitable investment
  • Most efficient use of available space