Historic Preservation goes beyond renovating and preserving significant sites. The buildings constructed fifty, one hundred or more years ago can now be antiquated. It is important to remember and celebrate the bygone era, but we would need to modernize the outdated buildings before living in them.

An essential part of historic building preservation is to improve safety and accessibility that fit the modern era. Understandably, many of these culturally momentous constructions have rules and regulations put in place. These codes can be challenging to navigate unless you have a knowledgeable multi-disciplined architectural firm and historical preservationists by your side.

Finding the middle ground between the building’s historic character and modern comforts is where our architectural firm excels – we are a passionate team focused on enriching the work and life experiences of users without making compromises.


"In the big picture, architecture is the art and science of making sure that our cities and buildings fit with the way we want to live our lives."

Bjarke Ingels, architect

Permits & Licences

Thanks to decades of experience, Master & Commander Architects is knowledgeable in complex permitting issues that can become time-consuming and laborious. Extensive experience with federal, state, county and city building codes, ordinances, and guidelines help make sure the process will be smooth and straight-forward.

At Master & Commander Architects, we encourage economic growth in various communities while promoting principles of sustainability for future generations. We work closely within a framework meant to protect the building’s historical integrity while giving the construction a new life and added value.

Historic Preservation benefits include

Elevated commercial value

Energy savings

Retention of construction materials

Using existing space

Preservation of historic or cultural landmarks

...research of the economic and public benefits have revealed that [Historic Preservation] is a powerful tool in sustaining local economy, creating jobs, and even generating capital.

...the socioeconomic status of a neighborhood rises and the poverty rate declines after designation by the Landmarks Preservation Commission.

Prominent historical buildings add distinction to urban areas and tremendously increase value – not only economically, but also psychologically. 

Our historic restoration architects are focused on returning value on both of those aspects while providing a simplistic structure for the process.

We will navigate through the complex system of permits to ensure compliance with permissions and relevant authorities. 

MCCM blends a background in historical discipline and architecture restoration with the required experience to negotiate and compromise with various institutions.

MCCM is a certified HUD 203k consultant who can coordinate and inspect the repairs to ensure they are done skillfully. We will provide you with a list of repairs that are necessary to meet the Minimum Property Standards of HUD (US Department of Housing and Urban Development) and name the optional renovations.
Our consultant will then prepare paperwork for the required loan amount. This paperwork includes a feasibility report, structural plans, and specifics on all the repairs, plus the contingency reserve in case the costs are higher than anticipated.

We have extensive knowledge in preserving urban, residential, and commercial buildings nationwide.




Expense Monitoring

Before starting a project, many clients are worried about cost overruns. Master & Commander Architects takes care to stay within the budget of the scope of work so you don’t need to worry about unpleasant surprises.

Master & Commander Architects will also help you navigate through financial grants that might be available to you and help you obtain the rewards. Applying for various grants can be challenging and arduous if you’re not familiar with the ins and outs of the appropriate organizations.
The potential financial assistance can be discussed during a free consultation, where we get more information about your circumstances, the construction, your intentions, resources, and more.

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