Commercial Architecture includes designing commercial structures, such as office spaces, retail outlets, malls, sports facilities, factories, and more.

Master & Commander always keeps up-to-date on the research and industry trends, which allow us to facilitate the growing needs of our clientele. Following the latest studies enable us to understand the behavior and psychology of customers and create sustainable and flexible structures for years to come. A vital part of designing a commercial facility is to provide the client with a competitive edge before their competitors.

MCCM allows your business to grow and develop even with the ever-changing service industries.

MCCM's core commercial competencies include:

Commercial architectural planning

Commercial structural engineering

Commercial interior design

Construction management

Landscape design

Expense monitoring

At the beginning of the process, Master & Commander discusses the project details and requirements to understand the clients’ needs fully.
It is essential to understand the facility type and business operations that take place. These might include adding storage space, designing parking lots, accessible restrooms, and more.

Master & Commander provides conceptual design and a feasibility study to ensure the desired project is achievable. We pay particular consideration to any possible concerns that might arise later and cause an increase in capital investment.

Making it seem easy

Master & Commander has comprehensive experience in strategically coordinating all required permits and licenses associated with commercial constructions. The groundwork allows us to settle any problems that occur during the design or construction stage.

To ensure smooth day-to-day operations, we coordinate the methods with other specialists in their field, such as electrical and plumbing experts, and heating/ventilating engineers. The buildings need to perform well in every aspect, starting from the overall ambiance and eye-catching interior design to a functional and convenient structure.




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Getting the most out of your commercial building

Our passion for attention to detail and a smooth process guarantee a stable, surprise-free, and communication-based experience. MCCM has a business-centric mindset and an innovative team that will help lift your business to new heights.

Master & Commander wants to help you understand the decision-making process so you can make informed decisions. We will take the process step-by-step, explaining everything in detail and help with the project from start to end.

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